i am no longer maintaining this blog.

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so it's been a while since i update and i realized i haven't put up any new work form Tantrum. so here are the more memorable things i've done over the last year

From Work for Tantrum

From Work for Tantrum

From Work for Tantrum

From Work for Tantrum

From Work for Tantrum

all of these spots (minus the rogers one) are on the tantrum website


I've been picking at this painting for the better part of january, finally got the chance to finish it.

From random

it was inspired by a photo of Sophia Coppola


one year after winning 2nd in the Teletoon scholarship I am finally able to host my film up online.

Check it out if you haven't already.

Parental Guidance from james higuchi on Vimeo.


new reel and work up on tantrum's website. Check it out!

From Cube


festival update

So Parental Guidance was just accepted into San Francisco's Frozen Film Festival and will be screen on july 10th @ 1030 pm at the Roxie



If you're in the area check it out. :)


new work up. 2 paintings I did for work, just some concepts.

From random

From random

I was hoping to have the two other paintings I'm working currently done by now, but I guess they'll have to wait till next time.


festivals, festivals, festivals

I am happy to announce, all be it a little late, that Parental Guidance has been accepted into the Teletoon Animation scholarship as well as the Student Shorts Animation Festival, but screening at the end of September. I want to thank both festivals for this honor, and congratulate the rest of my peers that have also been selected.

If you can make it to either or both screening I hope too see you there! :)


here's something I just finished for work. It's a Samsung J700 series phone for Rogers Wireless. Modeling done by Gabe Lopez and comps done by Dom Bochemski and Kyle Sim.

more images up in my gallery


i don't usually post up stuff like this just cuz there are probably a hundred places you could see it before you look here. But everyone should see this. It is everything a short film should be.

here is the permalink on motionographer


so in absence of a job some friends and I have decided to start a film. We're aiming for 2 minutes and it's going to be a 3D Maya centric pipeline.

here are some concpet environment paintings I've done for the project. The rest are up in my gallery.


hitting theaters near you....

so it's been another 4 months... I've been busy what can I say. but I come bearing gifts

more screens from my film available in my gallery

i won't be able to host the film up because i plan to enter it into Teletoon and other festivals, but when i upload my new demo reel there are some clips of it there.


new life drawings

so finally after a long while I have an update. i've got some drawings from class and fromt he winter fair

the rest are up in my gallery


I've put a couple layouts from "Babushki" that I drew and painted, check them out


so after much critique and advice from my peers I have updated the galleon painting I did. hopefully it is an improvement.


New stuff up in my gallery


I've put some more work up on my gallery. just some gouache paintings I dug up.


New work up in my gallery