here's something I just finished for work. It's a Samsung J700 series phone for Rogers Wireless. Modeling done by Gabe Lopez and comps done by Dom Bochemski and Kyle Sim.

more images up in my gallery


Blogger Michael Dedrick said...

Amazing James, very photo reel and accurate. If Gabe did the modeling, and Dom/Kyle did the comp, does that mean you did you do the rendering? If so I would be interested in hearing how you achieved the photo-reel feel.

22/8/08 18:23

Blogger Jordan Lamarre-Wan said...

It sucks! Looks too real!!

Joking man, it's freaking awesome!! when can I buy one?!

Hey, congrats on the Teletoon thing too!

3/10/08 15:01

Blogger larasalam said...

oooh...shiny! Keep up the good work!

8/10/08 14:32

Blogger Gord Goodwin said...

Very nice, does it move as well? I'm glad your job is such a good fit for you! I look forward to seeing what you do next!

7/11/08 02:30


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